Xilica Designer Update

Beim Start der Xilica Designer Software kann nun die Version 3.6.0 für Windows und macOS geladen werden.

 Alternativ gibt es den Download auch hier bei uns auf der Seite.


Die passenden Firmware Files können in der Software im Firmware Manager geladen werden:

  • Neutrino/Uno V5.4.2
  • NeutrionAEC/Uno AEC/Rio V5.4.1
  • Solaro DSP V3.4.0
  • NeuPanel Mini V5.3.4
  • NeuPanel Touch V5.6.1
  • SiteManager V5.3.3
  • XTouch Control V3.6.0
  • XWP-CTL V1.0.3


Neue Features:


  • Support Network GPIO (logic and voltage) transfer among Solaro DSP and XIO devices.
  • Support new universal control devices
    • PTZ Optics 20x NDI | HX conferencing camera


New Enhancements:


  • Support Advance mode in XWP-Control to allow user to define control items that only available under Advance operating mode (which usually is password protected mode). User can switch XWP-Control into “Normal” or “Advance” mode. In Advance mode operation, all items defined will be displayed for end user. While in Normal mode operation, only non-advance item will be displayed.
  • Able to adjust the number of Dante I/O points to be display 
  • Support display of Front panel BIOS version in XilicaDesigner.
  • Enhanced DSP module Matrix Mixer to use less MIPs. 
  • Add in more screen off timeout setting in XTouch application, including an option to never turn off screen.
  • Add in new function to clear all DSP design template cached files. When there are changes made in older DSP design template on Web site. Xilica Designer is not able to detect that there is new updated. User need to use this Clear all DSP Design Template button to remove local cache files. After that user can re-download the latest template from web site.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix XWP Device mapping menu not showing up when there is no device detected in Network view.
  • Fix schematic design scrolling performance in Mac environment when using mouse wheel to scroll.
  • Fix custom FIR filter not working in second core of DSP. If you place a lot of custom FIR filters in your schematic and some FIR filters need to be handled by second core, then those assigned to second core does not work. This release fixed this issue.

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